Mission Statement

I'm a composer, producer, sound designer, and engineer seeking impact and quality in the entertainment industry. I'm inspired by the use of textures to captivate audiences and sound’s ability to tell and embellish stories.

My passion is working with content creators to make creative visions a reality. I believe in following a dream that I can share, both independently and as a team, and being apart of something larger than myself. It is with sharing such a dream that I hope to inspire new ways of thinking, feeling, and believing for the broader audience.


Music Experience

My experience as a composer includes music for over a dozen student and independent films in the San Francisco and Seattle area. These encompass narrative dramas, documentaries, children's stories, horror shorts, commercial productions, and more. Many of these films have been featured in film festivals. Films include "Between Two Gardens," a 1950's period short by Andrew Barron, "Whale Aware," a documentary by Lauren Gilbertson that won Best Environmental at Portland's Environmental Film Festival in 2013, and "Midnight Delight," a horror short by Justin Vinall that featured at the 2016 Seattle College and University Film Festival.

My work also extends into the interactive world of video games. I created and produced the adaptive and interactive music score to the game Delusion, a sci-fi action-adventure game that showcased at PAX 2016.

In addition to working with motion picture and games, my composition experience extends to many individual projects. I have over a dozen produced tracks that stylistically range from high-intensity hybrid scores to atmospheric soundscapes. I love to work with horror, suspense, fantasy, and experimental projects.

Sound Design Experience

My sound design work includes professional audio design and sound replacement for many independent shorts and media projects. Such works span across different platforms such as films, animations, and video games.

My style with sound effects focuses on layering and editing to establish realism and create unique textures. In addition to post-production sound, I'm also fascinated by the art of Foley and capturing the sounds around me in nature.

Enginnering Experience

My experience as an audio engineer encompass multi-track recording and production for a wide array of genres. From Jazz to Power-Funk and more.


I believe in providing excellent service to give musicians the best of what they're looking for. Everyone has their own sound and I enjoy using my skills for audio and an open mind to find and capture that sound. 


Scoring & Composition

For high quality original music ranging from traditional orchestration to experimental and modern soundtracks. 

Arranging & Orchestration

For bringing musical ideas to their fullest potential by means of instrumentation, reharmonization, melodic paraphrasing, orchestration and production value. 

Sound Design

For textured soundscapes that go beyond the fold of belivability and emergence by means of source recording, editing, layering, and effects processing.


For finding the right balance in a mix using a wide range of mixing tools for a desired style and genre.


For high quality audio engineering geared towards giving you the sound you're looking for

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